What others are saying about linda and her services

Volhein Consulting

   Guiding nonprofits through times of growth and change

​"I recommend Linda with out reservation as a creative thinker, top-notch strategist and one of the most effective nonprofit executives with whom I have had the pleasure to work.  It was in large part because of Linda’s leadership, advocacy and keen understanding about the opportunities that existed for growth and development for TNCF [The National Crittenton Foundation] and the Family that today we have regained our strong positioning as a national leader and advocate for girls and young women in this country.  

I say without hesitation that Linda’s expertise, knowledge and skills rivaled many of my colleagues. She is a gifted collaborator and innovator by nature. She a consummate leader who is keenly aware of and skilled at assessing and meeting the challenges while seeing the opportunity embedded in every stage of an organization’s life. Moreover, she was and remains an inspirational role mode, trusted colleague and insightful leader and advisor."

Jeannette Pai-Espinosa, President -  The National Crittenton Foundation

Having known and worked with Linda for many years, I know her to be someone who is a visionary leader and passionate about service to others, particularly to disadvantaged women, children and families.  Linda continues to bring her expertise, passion and vision in service to our community.

Marisue Garganta, board member and president - Keogh Health Connection

Linda’s greatest strengths are in her ability to stay focused on the most important things: financial management, quality programming, management of daily operations and building a community brand.  For over 20 years Linda has built a reputation as one of the most effective and respected leaders in the valley.  I am a huge fan of Linda.  She has brought the same financial, strategic planning and quality focus to the agencies that she has assisted.

Larry Lytle, Crittenton board member and chairman 2006 -2013

"I can't begin to express how much I have enjoyed this time with you.  I truly feel I have grown as a person as well as professionally with your guidance, wisdom and experience.  You've been a wonderful mentor.  Thank you so much."

Sophia Campbell, Development Director - Family Involvement Center

"A huge thank you againb for your support, encouragement and ideas.  Your valuable figt of time sent me off on a journey I didn't even know existed.  Thanks for believing in me"