Volhein Consulting

   Guiding nonprofits through times of growth and change

Board and leadership counsel

Often boards and executive directors find themselves isolated and under pressure to produce results that force their agencies to the next level of success without the tools to get there. Linda uses her expertise and wisdom to provide guidance and mentoring in the areas of learning and professional development, skills assessment and personal actions plans, personal and organizational strategies, and leaderships styles.  Linda provides counsel to:

  • New executive directors
  • Emerging boards and boards in transition
  • Leaders ready to step into the role of executive director
  • ​Founders of small but growing nonprofits
  • Development directors

"I can't begin to express how much I have enjoyed this time with you.  I truly feel I have grown as a person as well as professionally with your guidance, wisdom and experience.  You've been a wonderful mentor.  Thank you so much."

Sophia Campbell, Development Director - Family Involvement Center